You can’t leave Africa; it’s always with you, there inside your heart.

Our family has moved out from Kazakhstan to the hectic East African city of Maputo, the capital of Mozambique. Join us on our adventures as we live life in a busy African city.

Very bright, bold, and beautiful colors matched with the blue ocean.
Spicy piri piri makes our dish very special, and the assortment of languages around us – Portuguese, English and local language – interested at all.

Everyone tells us that “moving to Africa is difficult” and that is true, but living here is very interesting and unforgettable.
In Mozambique, we feel safe walking in the streets during the day & weekend with kids, going around neighborhood, past the coconut stand where the friendly coconut guy would sell for us fresh coconuts for thirty Mozambican metical (less than 1 USD).

Mozambique showed us how life was just a series of small choices. How in expat life, the attitude with which we approach our new adventure often counts more than our experience. Either you can focus your energy on all the annoyances, the delays, the daily frustrations, or you could focus your mind on all the beautiful, new experiences of uncovering and enjoying a new country.
We can complain about the Maputos traffic you are stuck in on a Friday, or you can appreciate the beauty and the vibrant colors of the dress of the woman who walks past by your car, holding her basket full of food, high up as a crown.

You can focus on the frustration you feel at the leaky water pipe at home, the unreliable internet and handymen not showing up when they said they would or, you can focus on learning a fascinating new culture with rich traditions of Batik painting, African drumming and Feima with a lot full bright colors of Capulana & handmade stuff.
Mozambique also helped to teach our kids some valuable lessons in simplicity and simple living, and the reality is beautiful.
Our kids learned to enjoy the simple pleasures in life. Of walks in your gorgeous rains, of swimming at the beaches, of spotting your beautiful wildlife whether it was giraffes, zebras on the way to Ponta D’ouro , or laughing with delight at spotting your colorful lizards.

Mozambique is a window to South Africa, the Kruger National Park, to the atmospheric small city Nelspruit and ambitious Cape Town.

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